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The Challenge

The Conker™ is the ultimate living space with infinite possibilities. It is built to be aerodynamic, strong and versatile, providing a state of the art contemporary living/working environment.

Conker Living approached us while they were still developing the prototype Conker and wanted us to work with them to develop the branding, design and narrative for The Conker. This included defining which information was relevant and identifying the key hooks that would generate interest in the product and want customers to find out more.

Our Solution

With a deep requirements capture and research into the target customer base, we built a profile of the ideal customer. We then used this to work out what they key pain points would be for these customers, and what they would want to know. The whole design of the website and the content is based on this research.

The Conker is a great looking product which is very versatile. It was key to get the right imagery to show how it could be used as well as stirring the imaginations of customers as to how they could use theirs. Strategically placed call to actions have helped to drive calls and enquiries to Conker Living as interest in this product has soared with many customers sharing it with their inner circles.

The website has been very well received and we are continually getting compliments on the design, interactivity and speed of the site. Check out the website and maybe get yourself a Conker, the ultimate living space!

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