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Redwood Healthcare Website

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The Challenge

Redwood are based in California in the USA. They have 4 offices across the USA and provide staffing for various healthcare agencies.

Redwood already had a website in place, but this was now quite dated and didn’t fit with their brand image any more. They wanted us to look at tweaking their logo and to redesign their website completely to fit their brand image and also to improve conversion. They also wanted to make it easy for potential employers, candidates and potential franchisees to find the information they needed.
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Our Solution

We had to create a design and user interface to satisfy three different types of user: potential employers, candidates and franchisees. Each of these has to be able to find the information relevant to them easily. We also had to pique the interest of all three user groups across the site and direct them to the pages that were relevant to them.

As there were 4 office locations, we also had to direct any enquiries to the correct office automatically. Additionally, we needed to be able to track the source of the candidate applications and notify the relevant referring partner.

We created a fully responsive website for Redwood which reflected their brand and reputation in the desired light. The design is modern and utilises the full width of the screen to take advantage of the larger screens that are now becoming more common. The navigation and call to actions on the site were designed and placed such that any of the 3 target user groups could easily find the information relevant to them. Each page had a call to action placed strategically to encourage users to get in touch, or make an application.

Users could also select which office was relevant to them and their enquiries were then automatically emailed to the correct office to be processed. We were able to give the referring partners a unique link to the application page that they would then share with the candidate. This allowed us to track the source of the application and also allowed us to notify the referring partner of the application.

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